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Geocell and compare the performance of geotextile material


updatatime:[2019-5-11 16:52:38]    source:TAIAN CITY HAIFENG EARTHWORK MATERIAL CO.,LTD

The Geocell three-dimensional structure of a two-dimensional structure, it is different from other geotechnical materials in withstand tension, shear stiffness and material with soil contact surface friction aspects than other geotextile material and improve. Compartments inside filler composed of an overall three-dimensional structure of the larger stiffness, can bear the load of the upper structure, it is more important to be able to limit the lateral displacement of the structure and the soil type, but will also force state regulating subsoil reduce foundation settlement, foundation settlement are consistent, in addition to withstand dynamic stress engineering properties. Anchorage measures do not need to take in engineering applications, construction is fast and convenient, especially for those who are weak, loose strata Once laying Geocell, construction vehicles to immediately travel cushion. The laying of the Geocell the roadbed can fully guarantee the stability of the foundation bed, to assume or eliminate the adverse effects of some of the dynamic load. The laying of the Geocell the roadbed also has the role of harm reduction.
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