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The specific role of earthwork pad in the engineering construction


updatatime:[2019-5-29 16:51:09]    source:TAIAN CITY HAIFENG EARTHWORK MATERIAL CO.,LTD


1 earthwork pad and non-woven geotextile compound, can under the closed cover layer buried, will collect the sewage soil covered mat layer infiltration of rain or yard their emissions, using its unique drainage function, according to the engineering requirements orderly emissions from soil mat layer, without the formation of silt plugging. So you can stop sliding may be caused by the cover soil saturated with water;

2 earthwork pad can drain, also can be produced by fermentation of methane emission from soil, used especially in landfill;

Combined with the application of 3 geotechnical mat and HDPE, also can play a very good protection of HDPE film was not puncture effect

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