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Three-dimensional composite drainage net


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Product Overview
 Is a unique three-dimensional double-sided sticky geonet and nonwoven geotextile made of. Integration of geotextiles (filtration effect) and geonet (drainage and reinforcement effects), played a "filtration - Drainage - to protect" the overall effect. Unique three-dimensional three-dimensional composite drainage network structure, in the course can withstand high pressure loads, and can maintain a considerable thickness, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, drainage capability, which provides a very high hydraulic conductivity.
 Drainage ability, and can withstand long-term high-pressure loads;
 High tensile strength and shear strength;
 Geotextile fabric to reduce the chances of embedded network core, to protect the long-term stability of the hydraulic conductivity;
 Three-dimensional composite drainage network can withstand compression loads greater than 2000kpa;
 Drainage network is much larger than normal compressive strength

Performance parameters:

Drainage network core



Mass per unit area












Hydraulic conductivity












Tensile strength












  Three-dimensional composite drainage network construction technology guide
A composite anti-drain subgrade bed
Waterproofing and drainage composite plate laying on the surface of reinforced iron Lulujiji bed, bed base can be an effective solution to prevent underground drainage problems: it can lead subgrade under the bed seepage flow discharge to the embankment on both sides in time, while both isolated from groundwater upwelling, lead row groundwater, their effect on iron Lulujiji bed to ensure stability, improve the durability of the base to use Bed and resistance to water interference and prolong life.
No high-speed passenger rail line railway track ballast, required under the first base with high comfort and high reliability, reliable water must be taken measures to ensure the subgrade deformation, especially in dynamic subgrade bed long-term stability. Soil or soft rock foundation bed cutting measures must be taken to underground drainage, fill in the base layer of the bottom of the bed for the laying of waterproofing and drainage composite plate. Set on both sides of underground drain or drainage ditch blind.
Technical requirements
Compound emissions from the water board (from top to bottom) by a layer of geotextile two cloth one film + high hydraulic conductivity of the core + layer of plastic mesh geotextile structure, to facilitate the handling, transportation, storage, factory-finished products for the maximum width of 2.5m, maximum length of 60m single roll of the material volume. Construction process in the field, according to the following steps to implement:
(1) site clearance, excavation place, and has formed a complete drainage system.
(2) on-site open geosynthetics, geomembrane side up, according to the cross-sectional direction of the order of laying, and the necessary overlap to avoid uplift of geosynthetics. Lower in the soil bearing capacity, the material can be tiled, and with U-nails, or stone along the outer edge of the material (and lap) fixed.
Volume adjacent to docking: the laying of geotextile parallel along the length of each network must be 1.5m with plastic tape or adhesive tape. If there is wind, the scene of all the volumes to be used for geosynthetics sandbags, tires or other suitable material increased.
(3) Machinery, vehicles have been collated from the soil, should not be run over directly from the surface to avoid damage to the material resulting in material failure; materials should cover no less than 0.15m and qualified packing.
(4) to promote the filling of the upper layer of coarse sand and the corresponding packing, rolling to the hierarchical design standards. If necessary, turn-up the outer edge of the geosynthetics, to avoid the protection of the soil material has been embedded within the drainage channel flow.
Construction Notes
A, composite drainage net, composite waterproof board in loading and unloading shall not be contaminated during transport shall not throw throw, and to avoid mechanical injury (such as sharp objects, draw hooks, puncture, tear, etc.) and direct rolling heavy machinery, so as not to cause damage or destruction.
B, composite drainage net, composite waterproof sheet away from heat, fire, should be stored in ventilated, dry place. Avoid direct contact with corrosive-type material, to avoid long-term exposure.
C, the construction should take measures to avoid damage geotextile, strict monitoring, when found damaged should be replaced or repaired.
Second, the alternative of retaining walls and other sand and gravel filter layer structure of the retaining walls retaining the traditional sand and gravel filter layer structure, there is not easy to control the quality of the Achilles heel of many retaining walls and other retaining structures within the drainage system reason for the failure is one common quality defects. Laying in the back retaining wall waterproofing and drainage composite boards, can replace or partially replace natural sand and gravel materials, to ensure or enhance drainage effect, is a positive and effective engineering measures.
Laying back retaining wall waterproofing and drainage composite plate, composite geomembrane side of relying on anti-drain, retaining walls, along the vertical laying. Test hydro-geological conditions, in the length direction along the retaining wall may be continuous or interval laying. Waterproofing and drainage composite plate can be fixed to the retaining wall of concrete nails.
1, the composite drainage net is covered with a plastic drain line under the type of geotextile fabric consisting of permeable geotextile composite materials with filtration, permeability, cited drainage effect.
2, the retaining wall was temporarily after excavation, leveling should be the first slope, and then paste composite drainage network density fixed. Retaining wall stones before pouring concrete, composite drainage network should be pasted against the wall side of the isolation layer of biodegradable paper closed, to prevent the slurry into composite drainage network.

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