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Woven geotextile mainly uses polypropylene(PP),polyethylene(PET)  fiber yarn and flat film yarn,,as raw materials. After extruding, film slitting, stretching, flat yarn(single yarn, film splitting yarn) is knitted into geotextile.Woven geotextile has high strength and can keep enough strength and elongation in dry and wet condition. It has long term corrosion resistance in the soil and water with different PH; There are gaps between flat yarns, making it has excellent water permeability performance. Due to its excellent microbiological degradation resistance, the geotextile will be free from damaged by micro-organism and worm. The material is light and soft, so it is convenient to transport and install.

Products Features

1.Excellent drainage performance

2.High strength,excellent tenacity   the max strength is 1000kn/m, min strength is 10kn/m .

3.Anti-aging,anti-acid and alkali

4.Excellent anti-microbiological degradation

5.Creep, corrosion and abrasion resistance

6.Safe and easy for construction

Application range

1.Reinforcement: Used in the constructions of highway, railway, airport, dam, prevent slope dike, retaining wall, etc. to improve stability.

2.Protection: To prevent the bank from eroding by wind, wave ,tidal and rain. Used for the projects such as revetment, slope protection and bottom protection, anti-soil erosion,etc.

3.Filtration: Used as filtering layer of dike, the dam, river and coast stone , slope, retaining wall to prevent sand grain through and allow freedom through of air or water.  

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