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 Waterproofing and drainage liner has established the rough hollow muscle structure, you can export the water quickly and efficiently, greatly reducing or even eliminating the hydrostatic water level, water conductivity through this active principle of the initiative can achieve waterproof effect.

 Waterproof performance:
 Polyethylene (HDPE) anti-drain board material itself is a very good waterproof material. By using a reliable connection, so that anti-drain into a good secondary waterproof material.

 Protection protective:
 Anti-drain structures and can effectively protect the waterproof layer, and resistance to various types of soil pH and plant thorn. Backfill in the basement wall, it can protect against damage to buildings and waterproof layer.

  sound insulation and ventilation, moisture-proof function:
 Laboratory data show that the polyethylene (HDPE) drainage board can effectively reduce the anti-room 14 db, 500HZ noise, noise with a significant noise reduction function. Waterproof guide plate on the ground or wall of water use, ventilation, moisture can play a good role.
polyethylene (HDPE) drainage board against the application of Garden: garage green roof, roof gardens, green roofs, soccer fields, golf courses, beach works Municipal engineering: road embankment, subway tunnels and other Construction: building the basis of the upper or lower, basement and outside walls, roof and insulation and other impermeable Traffic engineering: highway, railway embankment, embankment and slope protection layer.

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