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  Film-type sodium bentonite waterproof blanket (pad)
 Top-level high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film as the lower non-woven fabric, impermeable bottom of sodium bentonite with textiles. Excellent results of the water sodium bentonite, a special acupuncture method with fixed high-strength non-woven geotextile fabric between the adhesive and then covered in a layer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) film. This product than ordinary swelling> Runtu waterproof blanket ability to have a stronger water seepage. Applications that require higher water seepage areas such as: tunnels, subways, basements, underground channel all kinds of underground structures and groundwater resources are abundant in the seepage water features leak-proof construction process.

  Product Comparison

 1 compared with the geomembrane, its advantages in:
 a. GCL dense, impermeable waterproof performance is good. Directional pressure state in the formation of dense membrane impermeable gel layer. The seepage capacity of 100 times the 3 0Cm thickness of the clay density.
 b. flexible, and interfacial friction coefficient, can better adapt to uneven settling.
 c. simple construction, paving materials can be cut, with natural overlap processing, can adapt to the complex construction site without professional equipment and professional staff.
 d. long-term water capacity, bentonite is a natural inorganic mineral materials, corrosion and aging does not occur.
 e. Thickness increased several times, difficult to be bursting, bursting even in the case also has the ability to repair itself.
 (2) The company's waterproof blanket (pad) GCL, its advantages:
 a. Use the most advanced production equipment. The acupuncture needle was messy irregular fabric type. Bentonite to prevent rolling and slipping, is conducive to uniform absorption.
 b. As the width of equipment to improve its products according to project needs in the 2m-6m range adjustment.
 c. As the width increases, the overlap area is greatly reduced, saving materials for the square to avoid unnecessary waste.
 d. uniform quality, permeability and strong, flexible, and able to fit the uneven foundation settlement. And to prevent leakage of soil material for cracks and other defects with good healing.


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