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Function with good coverage for a variety of surfaces, the effective coverage of old and new wall defects, to ensure uniformity of surface structure and color.

  Tensile strength, prevent wall cracking, have reinforced the role of the wall. With high-quality coatings, surface accumulation of static electricity, no fouling corners, easy and clean. Strictly deal with the wall covering surface sizing clean and smooth, moisture mold, to prevent the breeding of micro-organisms or parasites.

  Organizational structure conducive to the open spaces of the natural diffusion of water vapor, and promote the regulation of indoor climate.

  Not smooth fabric surface can reduce the noise.

  Good repeatability, save effort, easy construction, environmental protection, safety and environmental protection, decorative effect, rich texture.

  Roads, water conservancy, environmental protection and other projects in the play reinforcement, drainage, protection, filtration, isolation.

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