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Three-dimensional geo-mat is a three-dimensional structure for a new type of geosynthetics soil and water conservation, which can effectively increase the green area to prevent soil erosion, improve the ecological environment.
1, can replace concrete, asphalt, riprap slope protection and other materials, mainly for highways, railways, rivers, dams, slopes and other slope protection.
2, did not grow into the turf before, you can protect the land from wind and rain erosion.
3, after the plant growth up to form a composite protective layer can withstand high water, large flow rate of erosion.
4, can significantly reduce the project cost, cost is only the concrete block and dry stone revetment slope of 1 / 7, stone mortar, 1 / 8.
5, the use of polymer materials and UV UV stabilizers, its high chemical stability, environmental pollution (degradation type of mat in the soil after two years do not leave marks)
6, the construction is simple, smooth the surface, you can construction.
How to use:
1, the construction of a small bamboo or small wooden stick used to wear on the mat in the entire volume, Longitudinal out mat, surrounded by bamboo nails, dowels or plastic nail to live, nail spacing 30cm, 10 nails per square meter.
2, the nail is generally the length of 15cm (from floor), loose surface nail length should be longer, laying in the high slope, the uphill nails used nail length should be longer than the length of the downhill.
3, mutations at the terrain or the terrain is more complex, it shall be to keep the mat flat and nail to increase the density.
4, note overlap. Overlap length of 2cm, the flow should be driven into the lap at the nail, nails density to double overlap at the upper mat to rely on tight, without leaving gaps.
5, the shape of nails, nail the top mat aperture width should be greater than 2 times, also to suppress the effect from the vertical.
6, Seed planting depth should be based on soil Offer, depending on local conditions, grass seed should be selected for local climate conditions, root length, and well-developed grass with long roots of perennial small shrub occasionally better.
7, seeds should be planted deep in the mat, so that will strengthen the effectiveness of the protective layer composite.
8, after sowing grass seed, topsoil cover depth of the mat should cover the main. Do not make the mat exposed to sunlight, to facilitate the extension of useful life. It must be noted conducive to the germination and growth of weed seeds.
9, the seeds after sowing, the upper 40-50% moisture content should be appropriate. And the surface pressure, in order to facilitate grass seed germination.
10, mat laid on the top slope, the mat should be 60 degrees vertical angle junctions, the earth 30cm. Its base should be 50cm above water level, because of the works in the lower slope much lower than the top of the water content is not conducive to grass seed germination should be 20cm away from the mat at the top of the hill along the run to open a ditch, in order to facilitate irrigation.
11, the laying of the time, is the key to the whole project (when used on the slope), the general should be chosen before the rainy season for 3-4 months. Let the grass a certain time.
1, in the gravel surface is invalid.
2, slope and perpendicular to the ground in less than 45 degrees with caution.
3, can not meet the sea surface slope as a material.
4, only for the surface grass slope, can not be deep reinforcement material.
5, the positive side for the river slope should be selected in the three months before the rainy season construction is completed. To ensure that the grass slope above the normal water level solid form.

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